Our Mission

At INT Academy English School our ambition is to provide a high standard school for the Community ensuring we prepare our children for life.We intend to break down barriers to achievement and we will ensure our children are engaged in their education. Support will be given to our children to progress and achieve the standards they are capable of through excellent teaching and personalised education in an environment of good behavior

Our vision

We are a community of learners. In a safe and caring environment we will nuture and encourage success and good health irrespective of all circumstances. As learners we will help each other by listening and asking questions. We will take risks and sometimes make mistakes, not blaming but acknowledging strengths and weaknesses and building upon them. We will need to discuss things and solve problems together. We will respect each other and our right to solve our own problems. We will welcome everyone from all backgrounds and cultures and encourage them to achieve their full potential in all that they do. We will spend time learning to love and open our hearts and minds to acquire new skills, values knowledge and attitudes.

Because your child deserve to shine.

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