Achivements 2022-23

1) Sara Faiyaz Hurzuk
Secured II Rank in Taluka level science exhibition 2021-22

2) **Taluka level sports
Total 7 Ranks in individual games**

In Discuss throw 2
Yasir Javeed Dakhway Second
& Abdul Rehman Bandarkar First

High jump 2
Umama Akbar Qadir First
Umair Aijaz Burunkar Second

Discuss throw 2
Chaudhry Daniya Tufail Second
Arbiya Azim Sayyad Third

And Javelin throw 1
Yasir Javeed Dakhway Third

3) In Kabaddi ( U – 14) second rank at Taluka

4) In Kho kho ( U – 17) second rank at Taluka

5) In volley ball ( U – 17 girls and Boys) Winner at taluka

6) At District level INT ACHIEVED 2 Ranks
In Discuss throw (1)
Yasir Javeed Dakhway

and Volleyball ( U- 17)

7) First time from Mangaon Taluka Girls volleyball team have participated at District level. And won 4th position.

Have won Best school award in hygiene and cleanliness in Maharashtra from Central government.

9)*50th Taluka level Science exhibition 2022-23*
1. Hajwane Mohammed Burhan (VII-std) second rank in (Upper-Primary group in the exhibition).
2. Sange Amir Ibrahim (VII-std) second rank in (Upper-Primary- CWSN group in the exhibition).

(They got selected at District level. The result are yet to release.)

10) SOF – Five Students were awarded Gold medal and were selected for 2nd Level.
Name of students who are qualified for SOF IMO Level-2 are: 1. Banderkar Arfat Abdul Majid
2. Lashkari Saad Saifuddin
Name of students who are qualified for SOF IEO Level-2 are: 1. Talsulkar Areeba Faiz Ahmed
2. Mukadam Rushan Mohammad
3. Dawre Raziya Faisal
( 40+ Students overall got gold medal of excellence.)

11) Drawing Grade Examination